Barrie Smith

Internet Marketing Consultant

My name is Barrie Smith; I am an Internet Marketing Consultant for Receptional Ltd, specialising in multiplying traffic and sales for clients, Link Building and Search Engine Optimisation. I have been in the search industry since 2004 and have successful marketing experience in many fields; including the competitive gambling, travel, fashion and car insurance industries.
Barrie Smith
Once upon a time, I ran the London Blog Club with Nick Andrews, Dixon Jones and Murray Newlands; a monthly London meetup group of successful Bloggers and Search Engine Optimisers with the intention to provide education for both new and experienced bloggers.

These days I spent my time in an office throwing paper airplanes at <>Shoaib Rehman.

Miles Carter gave me my favourite testimonial, as follows:
“I worked with Barrie for around 18 months at Receptional Ltd, sharing a couple of clients on which I performed SEO and usability work and he did PPC and link building. He is a passionate, affable guy with a very bright mind and lends an authority to everything he directs his efforts towards.

Above all, Barrie's commitment was something which I aspired to match, he would more often than not be the one to put in extra hours, go to an evening pub conference in London after a full work day and still show up bright and breezy the next day, or work into the dark when big contracts required it. No matter what extra effort he put in on the companies behalf, he would never complain and would be particularly modest when receiving praise, motivating others.

Barrie's sense of humour was something that also made working days a pleasure, and he was in my mind a seriously undervalued asset in terms of team morale boosting with his positive, good-humoured attitude and infamous 'friday football quiz'. He was also a good grounding board when brainstorming and would often come up with solid ideas when given the opportunity,”

July 11, 2011

As I have a massive ego, I have name badges and a canvas with my face on it.

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